At Sketchbox Images we use the Matterport 3D camera to capture an immersive experience for real estate buyers. Matterport 3D Showcases enable you to take advantage of the latest technology in virtual tours to increase customer engagement in the online home-shopping experience. You can now offer more than just still photos or marketing videos. By using Matterport technology you offer the customer an immersive experience into your listings. 


A few stats to consider:


  • According to the latest research from Realtor.com®, consumers rank 3D virtual home tours second only to large, professional photos as their most desired features in the home search experience.

  • Buyers spend more time on virtual home tours because they are interactive and engaging.  Buyer engagement with a 3D tour can be much higher than traditional marketing videos.

  • Virtual home tours provide a 24/7 open house. A great tool for local, relocation and international buyers, especially those who may not live in the area or can't get here fast enough to see the home before submitting an offer.

  • 3D home tours are impressive to watch and can be very effective in a listing presentation.

  • Matterport 3D home tours can also deliver a to-scale floor plan of your home or listing.​

Get $50 off your first Virtual Tour.

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